Gift Card Program 

The gift card program is probably the easiest School Fundraiser that we offer to help work off your assessment. Gift cards are sold every Thursday morning at the school for your convenience.  This weekly process starts mid September and runs until the end of April.  During the school year, cards are only sold through the school and not the rectory.  We offer gift cards for Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Town Plot IGA, Big Y, and Macys.  We offer several choices of denominations for each store.

On Wednesday evening, a manila envelope with an order form inside will be sent home with your oldest child. If you wish to order gift cards, please send your manila envelope back on Thursday morning with your order form filled out completely and a check for the amount you wish to order.  We only accept checks.  Please do not send cash. On Thursday afternoon, your gift cards will be sent home with your oldest child.

Every gift card that you purchase will earn you 5% credit toward your assessment with the exception of Macys which earns you 10%. 

If there is a school cancellation or delay on a Thursday, please hold onto your order until the following week. If there is a planned day off from school on a Wednesday, your manila envelopes will be given to your child on Tuesday.  If there is a school cancellation on a Wednesday due to weather, you can still send in an order in a regular envelope labeled “Gift Card Program”  including an order form (downloadable below) and a check for the amount of your order.

During the summer, you can download the order form and stop in the school to make purchases that will be applied to next year's assessment.  

Certificate Order Form can be downloaded here.

Thank you for your support of this program. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Famiglietti at 203-757-6974.